Australian Roadside Rest Areas

NOTE: Posted 5/2/2019, To the people that have purchased the Australian Roadside Rest Areas, we apologise that the App has not been working, in November 2018 Google change their mapping which is used for the App, this change required the App to be rebuilt completely.

We took the opportunity to allow users to update information if they wanted, both the sever and App coding software has been upgraded to allow for seamless updating of the App if needed.

To users that use the Android version from the Google Play store, we could not provide a seamless update due to the restrictions of how Apps are deployed via Google Play, therefore we had to create and upload a totally new App which unfortunately means that the old App will not be upgraded, we are offering a refund to those users that can no longer use the Old Version of the App.

To do this send us a contact message using and we arrange a refund of $1.50 to a PayPal account.

IOS users should be able to update to the latest version of Australian Roadside Rest Areas once release.

This Australian application for Android and IOS phones and tablets once downloaded and installed, the App when you open it locates your phone's position on Google Maps and then the closest Dump Point site to you is marked on the map.

Additional information displayed, this information will assist you to stay with the closest marked, or you can choose another and the directions to get there will be displayed.

Australian Roadside Rest Areas within a 250 Kilometres of your location, is displayed on the smart device, to allow you to plan ahead to know where and when you can take the opportunity to have a rest or camp overnight.

We ask the owner of a Rest Area, to contact us, so we can arrange the updating of information.